Since 2006, National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) has implemented the Apprenticeship Programme, as an effort in preserving and maintaining traditional arts through the creation of successors group. Until 2020, there are 88 groups trained under this programme involving 68 arts. Other than periodical training, the participants are also exposed to stage performance. In 2020, this programme was implemented in nine (9) states as follows:

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1PenangTeochew Puppet OperaPenang Teochew Youth Dramatists Organization’s Puppet Opera Apprenticeship Group
2PahangGamelan Music and DanceSanggar Seni Tunas Organization’s Gamelan Apprenticeship Group
3SabahBisaya Ethnic Music and DanceBeaufort Bisaya Ethnic Apprenticeship Group
4SarawakBurdah DrumsSri Aman Cultural Light’s Burdah Drums Apprenticeship
5KelantanInai DanceInai Anak Limbat Dance Group
6KedahWayang GedekPadang Asun Shadow Puppets’s Apprenticeship Group
7MalaccaPuisi Rejang & Rebana KerasMalacca Rebana Keras & Rejang Apprenticeship Group
8TerengganuAnak UmbangTerengganu Anak Umbang Apprenticeship Group
9PerakHadrah Selama
(Dance/ Music)

Sg. Bayor Hadrah Apprenticeship Group, Selama

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