The Culture Based Tourism Program is JKKN's core programme at the state level which carries the uniqueness of local cultural arts for the purpose of preserving and maintaining the nation's cultural arts heritage, while generating the economy through art and culture, and fostering collaborative spirits, increasing tolerance, harmony and unity towards the prosperity of Malaysians.


The Culture Based Tourism Programme is a platform to preserve local cultural arts for the viewing of new generation as well as tourist attractions such as hadrah, jikey, mek mulung, dikir barat, wayang kulit, people's sports, and others.


Aimed to encourage the development and process of scouting new talents in the cultural arts field such as Dikir Barat, Mak Yong, dance, Silat Drumming, Boriah performance and others.

The main state programmes and anchor programmes were developed to promote domestic and international tourism favouring an authentic experience 


The government agencies and private sector services such as mobile farmer's market, health screening, establishment of homestays, advisory services related to business loans, summons payment counters and others.

The involvement of various agencies in providing services to the society such as the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Ministry of Finance, RMP, MAF, Tourism Malaysia, Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, People's Trust Council and others. 



16 & 17 April 2022
Kuala Lumpur
The Iftar programme will be coordinated strictly according to the new norm, and the Ramadan activity programme will be broadcasted live via Facebook (FB) JKKN. The programme will run for two (2) days and will be televised from 4.00pm to 9.30pm with various segments such as Quran reading and memorization, Ramadan Talk, Tazkirah, Ramadan Capsules, Tadarus Al-Quran, Nasyid Festival, two (2) minute Knowledge Sharing, Tajwid Self-improvement, a documentary on Surau to Surau, Imbasan Iftar @ Kuala Lumpur 2016 -2019, call for prayer and live telecast from the mosque during breaking of fast.
Perlis Eastern Wind Festival is an annual program organized since 2014 targeted in approaching the general public in the northern part with cultural art activities. The Eastern Wind Festival has a different and unique approach where it is held at the paddy fields after the harvest season.
3KELANTANESE ARTS FESTIVAL 16 & 17 June 2022Kelantan
The Kelantanese Arts Festival is one of the programmes under the core Cultural Arts Outreach held at state level highlighting the uniqueness of local society cultural arts traditions. This  festival is filled with stage performances, competitions, demonstrations, traditional games and others. The uniqueness of this festival will be translated by the variety of the society's cultural arts in Kelantan such as dikir barat, makyong, menora, drums, dance and others. The authenticity of this cultural art becomes the attraction for tourist domestically and internationally.

23 - 25 September 2022Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
The Malaysian Traditional Games is one of the programmes under the Cultural Arts Outreach core that is organized at state levels by highlighting the uniqueness of the local community's cultural arts which involves the people's games as the main essence and supported by various contents such as the Sarong Run, Kuala Lumpur tug of war competition, young talent scouting, arm wrestling open competition, stage performances, sales of food and drinks and local merchandise products and others.

15 & 16 October 2022Melaka

Kota Selatan Festival highlights the cultural diversity of the state of Johor to foreign visitors and tourists. The programme features a variety of local cuisine, art activities, competitions, water sports, historical and sale of local community products. Indirectly, this programme will introduce the southern culture, especially to this district as one of the preferred locations for foreign tourists. Activities along the river by Bot Penambang or the long boat, will be an attraction for tourists to appreciate the culture of the river coastal community. This virtual programme combines artistic elements from three (3) states namely Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan which are famous for Dondang Sayang, Zapin and Caklempong.
6RHYTHMS OF KINABALU (ROK)29 & 30 October  2022Sabah
Rhythms of Kinabalu (ROK) highlighting local talent scouting competitions, presenting songs from the works of Sabah Composers and ethnic songs from the Sabah Traditional music groups with the concept of World Music. This program will be filled with various side content involving exhibitions, sales, talent scouting and government outreach services through mobile counters.
7LIVING ARTS CULTURAL FESTIVAL4 - 6 November 2022Tourism Information Centre (MATIC) Kuala LumpurLiving Arts Cultural Festival (LACF). The only festival that brings together artforms recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), National Heritage, and artforms facing extinction hitherto rarely seen in need of acute attention. Featuring a variety of engaging activities through a combination of traditional, contemporary and modern elements. This festival features a combination of Sarawak percussion instruments such as Gendang Pempat (Iban), Sabang and Gendang Dumbak (Bidayuh), Gendang; Alu and Tawak (Melanaus), Jatung Utang (Orang Ulu), Beduk, Rebana and Hadrah (Malay), Chinese Drums, Modern Drums, street theatre and puppet, dance performances, buskers, singing and others.
8SARAWAK DRUMS FESTIVAL11-13 November 2022Sarawak
Featuring a variety of interactive activities for the old and new generations through the combination of traditional, contemporary and modern elements. The festival contents consist of the combination of the Sarawak percussion instruments drumming such as the Pempat Drums (Iban), Sabang and Dumbak Drums (Bidayuh), Drums and Alu & Tawak (Melanau), Jatung Utang(Orang Ulu), Beduk, Rebana and Hadrah(Malay), Chinese Drums, Modern Drums, street theatre and puppet, dance performance, buskers, singing and others. This festival will be organized in conjunction with the Sarawak Regatta.

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