Budget 2014: More funds needed for performing arts

Budget 2014: More funds needed for performing arts


PETALING JAYA: Performing arts institutions in the country hope the government will continue supporting them in their aim of promoting the arts and culture.

KL Pac Director, Datuk Faridah Merican said both they and the Penang Performing Arts Centre were delighted with the support given by the government.

“The vital yet struggling performing arts industry has received support form the government through the National Art and Culture Department (JKKN),” she said.

Over the last decade, the government has placed a lot of emphasis on the development of art and culture in the nation.

The government organises annual cultural programs such as Citrawarna while encouraging performances from the KL pac and the Actors studio.

“We hope for the support to continue through increased sponsorship and most importantly the granting of tax exemption to theatre companies as well as making ticket purchase and direct sponsorship of the performing arts, income tax deductible,” said Faridah.

Secretary of the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), Usha Ramakrishnan acknowledged the government’s help in giving the institution grants and performance opportunities.

She however hoped that the government could contribute more towards their operational costs, as they did not earn much.

“Being one of the pioneers in this line of work, we realize that making it in this business is indeed a challenge, and despite having countless performances and a reasonable amount of exposure, the lack of necessary recognition means artists have to settle with a simple life,” she said.

National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage (Aswara) director, Joseph Gonzales said they have received thorough recognition from the government.

This included financing their cream of the crop lecturers and providing them various other facilities.

“We understand that the government considers us an important entity in the development of the fine arts in the country and has done its part in aiding us to spread the art among the community,” he said.

Joseph added the institute appreciated the support of the government to further support and promote the arts.


D. Kanyakumari
The Star
Publish date: 
Friday, October 25, 2013