• Preserving and promoting Malaysian culture and arts.
  • Encouraging the growth of arts and cultural activities through effective collaboration between arts and cultural organizations, government agencies, private sectors, non-governmental organizations and arts and cultural activists from within and outside the country.
  • Disseminating information on culture and arts to the public, both locally and internationally.
  • Providing conducive infrastructure for arts and culture and advisory services to the Malaysian community.
  • Enhancing development of arts and culture products.


  • Planning, coordinating, implementing cultural and arts activities throughout Malaysia.
  • Planning and disseminating information on culture and arts.
  • Coordinating, planning, carrying out research and development on creative industry product.
  • Improving networking with government agency and NGOs' (local & international).
  • Providing advisory services and expertise in culture and arts fields.
  • Providing guidelines and training in culture and arts fields.

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