National Arts And Culture Trainer

National Arts and Culture Trainer (JSBN) play a key role in the implementation of Gulture and Arts Guidance Programme (PBSB), organised by the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) with cooperation from the Ministry of Education since 2004. These trainers are pivotal in educating the masses to proliferate various arts and culture activities, especially in the fields of dance, theatre, music, silat martial arts, lingua franca arts and spinning-top (gasing). They are also skillful and exceptional in their relative fields, able to create a significant impact in order to enhance and preserve the legacy of national arts and culture. 

To transform PBSB, JKKN made the initiative to publish JSBN Directory, in order to promote and develop a nationwide service of national trainers. To this day, there are 1,982 JSBN and 514 are still active. Therefore, this effort maximises active trainers and subsequently provides them with a chance to develop their careers to a higher level and prestige. 

For comprehensive information on JSBN and its directory of trainers, please download the PDF file below: