Melanau folklore ‘King Tugau’ to be staged from 13-15 Dec

KUCHING: King Tugau, a musical drama based on a Melanau legend, will be staged from 13-15 Dec at the old State Legislative Assembly here, beginning at 8.45pm.

The Department of Arts and Culture (JKKN) Sarawak is entrusting PETRA Enterprise to transform the legend into an artistic product that can attract public interest, especially those living in Kuching. 

“Melanau legendary stories have not been staged for a long time and the time has now come to preserve the legend of King Tugau,” said PETRA Enterprise Managing Director Awang Arabie Awang Bujang, adding that local musical dramas could help to sell Sarawak. 

Well, King Tugau promises an exciting and entertaining show full of drama, robust dance choreography, colourful costumes and unique stage presentation.

“The musical drama does not have any dialogue and the storyline is conveyed through poetry, dance movements, music, singing and fighting scenes,” explained Arabie.

Local actor Mahmud Ali Basha will act as Tugau. Others include Izzurul Hisyam, Ricky Kimwah, Hartinah Abdullah, Siffina Ahmad, Mohd Rezza Ali and many others. 

The musical drama involves a total of 61 actors, dancers, musicians, silat practitioners and singers. There will also be guest singers such as Dayang Nurfaizah and Bob Yusuf for the theme song, ‘Tugau’.

Ticket prices are RM25 for adult and RM15 for children. For further inquiries, call PETRA Enterprise on (082) 413-041. Alternatively, visit their website at

Christopher Lidom & Natasha Jee
New Sarawak Tribune
Publish date: 
Monday, October 28, 2013