Kedah Traditional Costumes

Kedah is also known by the names of “ Kadaram” and “Kataha”.  The founder of the Kedah government was Raja Merong Mahawangsa who also ruled Patani, Perak and Siam.

Siamese influence can be seen in Kedah’s traditional costumes, amongst them the Baju Kurung Kedah which is almost similar to the Siamese short blouse and is shorter than the normal Baju Kurung.  Yet it looks sweet when matched with folded sarong

The Baju Melayu Cekak Musang worn with kain samping or the Baju Sikap are favourites among the men.  The Baju Sikap Kedahhas been in existence as early as 1786. It has buttons all the way down until the waist and is worn with Chinese-style trousers andkain samping.