Deepavali is celebrated by the Hindu community in Malaysia.  It is celebrated in the month of “aippasi” ( October-November) during the period when there is no moon.
The word “Deepavali” means “ a row of lights”. The Hindus believe that it signifies the triumph of brilliance over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and justice over tyranny.
On the morning of Deepavali, the head of the family will anoint the head of every family member with oil, after which they will take a bath to cleanse themselves. They then put on their new clothes and offer prayers at home or in the temples.
After prayers, there will be visits to houses of family members and relatives. Usually,   housewives will bring along small boxes with sweets. Most Hindus will decorate their houses with “rangoli”, which is a drawing made from colourful rice flour to welcome their guests.