The Asli Dance

This is a medley of dances based on Malay classic songs. It originated from the rhythms and movements of the Dondang Sayang(love ballad)  but is not accompanied by the exchange of poetry (pantun) as in Dondang Sayang.

The dance is performed for songs like Makan Sireh, Gunung Banang, Asli Sapu Tangan, Asli Selendang, Bentan Telani, Asli Abadi and others. The Tarian Asli is found in all the states of Malaysia, especially in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Asyik Dance

This is a classical dance from Kelantan and is performed in the Kelantan palace. The dancers are palace damsels (dayang-dayang). Tarian Asli is also performed in weddings during Malam Berinai and Malam Berinai Besar in the palace. Nowadays, Tarian Asyik is also performed in national and state functions.

According to history as stated in Hikayat Patani, Raja Kuning who ruled Patani in 1644 kept 12 palace dancers and called them “Asyik”.

The Chicken Dance

This dance is popular in Perlis, Kedah, Penang and parts of northern Perak.  The dance was inspired from the movements of cock fighting, which was a traditional game of the Malay community.

The Tarian Ayam Didik was started by a group of dancers in Kangar, Perlis. The dance should be accompanied by the song titled ‘Ayam Didik’.

The Barongan Dance

Barongan is an arts originated from Java. It depicts stories during the era of Prophet Sulaiman, during which animals could talk.

The dance started with a tiger watching a peacock opening its feathers. When the peacock realized the tiger was watching, it flew over and stood on the tiger’s head and then the two started dancing together. Suddenly a bodyguard named Garong who was accompanying the Puteri Raja riding on a horse arrived at the scene. He came down from the horse and joined in the dancing.