The Angklung


This is an idiofon made of selected bamboo pipes or tubes and consists of  2 to 4 tubes attached to the bamboo frame. These are carved to have a resonant pitch when struck and are tuned to octaves. It must be adjusted to “Do, Mi, So” either in Major or Minor mode.

The angklung is often presented as a group entertainment for government functions or to accompany dance performances like theKuda Kepang and Barungan from the Johore state. For the Kuda Kepang dance, usually 3 or 4 angklung will be played to compliment the gamelanThe Angklung originated from Java, Indonesia . The traditional Javanese angklung is an extension of “bongkel” from Banyumas, Indonesia hundreds of years ago. The angklung tunes are produced by strucking it at the feet rapidly or blowing it.