‘Filling the wooden board’ (Congkak)

This game requires the players to place small ‘fruits’ (buah) into the ‘pits’(holes) of a piece of oval-shaped wooden board known as the papan congkak.  The purpose is to test the player’s skills in capturing as many ‘fruits’ as possible from the opponent.  The game involves only 2 players (boys or girls).

Items required for this game include the papan congkak and 98 ‘fruits’. The papan congkak is a wooden board shaped like asampan boat  with 2 rows on it, each with 7 ‘pits’ in a straight row. This is known as the ‘village’ (kampung).  At the end of each row is another hole , and this is called the ‘home’ (rumah).  The ‘fruits’ can be marbles, rubber seeds or small stones.